MEDIA: Does our addiction match up with our “sign”?


And: What does it mean to be on the cusp of a sign?

I’ve been told so many times that most straight men don’t (or won’t) believe in astrology. And yet, the more I yap about it to the guys around me, the more interested they seem to become. So this column is dedicated to those dudes: The suspicious and the curious, the skeptical and the inquisitive. I’ll be here every week, tackling the stuff your basic-ass horoscopes will never get into. Because you know what? You might think astrology is esoteric snake oil, but everyone around you still judges you based on your star sign.

Are there signs that are more prone to addiction? — Matt L., Sagittarius
Addiction is something anyone can succumb to, and it’s obviously far more complicated than just reading someone’s birth chart. That said, a birth chart can provide some indicators.

Mostly what we’re dealing with in this regard is the planet Neptune, and any aspects it’s making to someone’s personal planets or points. Also, the house Neptune is in can indicate a propensity for addictive behaviors. Similarly, we can look at where and how Jupiter is placed, as the largest gas planet in our solar system represents enlightenment, higher learning, expansion and excess.

Further, Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, and the energy of Pisces is associated with escapism. Now, the high-functioning Pisces escapes through music, the arts, etc., but a lower-functioning one tends to escape through drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius (yeah, I’m talking about you here). Sagittarius’ energies are philosophical, and they typically expand their minds through travel and studies. But depending on how Jupiter is placed in the chart, it can indicate physical expansion, too — through gaining weight, drinking too much and taking too many drugs.

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