MEDIA: The Other, Other Opioid Crisis – Tramadol in West Africa

According to a 2016 study commissioned by the United Nations, 90% of all illicit opioids confiscated around the world were seized in North and Western Africa, and the vast majority of those opioids were tramadol tablets produced in India. These Royal-225 tablets are made predominantly by small, family-owned firms in India, who then export the … Continue reading MEDIA: The Other, Other Opioid Crisis – Tramadol in West Africa

POETRY: Valium Obsession

Swallowing little blue pills by the milligram, taking just enough so you don’t give a damn, it stops the anger and it brings the calm, life is what it is and I am what I am.  No standing in line for my prescription, rudimentary methods to fulfil my addiction, from India to Pakistan or straight … Continue reading POETRY: Valium Obsession

POETRY: Just Beneath the Surface

"Just Beneath the Surface" by Dean B. [circa 2000] Just beneath the surface of her pleasant, winning smile, Pompous and indignant, it’s been there quite a while, Comforting, reliable, it keeps her in the dark, At least a million reasons and subtle quirks remark: “Sure it makes a lot of sense!” she’ll deal with it … Continue reading POETRY: Just Beneath the Surface

ENTRY: Reflections… 4 years ago

I used to maintain another online journal a few years ago, but it was a bit more personal.  I spoke of all the changes and enlightenment I'd been experiencing as a wide-eyed newcomer to the recovery world.  Scanning through old entries, I ended up towards the beginning of the blog, when I was only at … Continue reading ENTRY: Reflections… 4 years ago

ENTRY: The Five R’s, an old standby

I do think it is appropriate, nowadays, to include posts in the blog about normal, practical, everyday life.  It’s important to include a sense of morality in these entries, since I do try to live my life by certain morals and standards that I’ve set for myself with the help of God and my wonderful and … Continue reading ENTRY: The Five R’s, an old standby

FROM 1-2-1: Redefining Rehab

I have always been big on using inferences to explain concepts. So far, I believe that everything in the world is tied to everything else. That the simplest concepts can explain the most complex ideas. This way, I find it easier to understand how some things work without necessarily breaking a sweat. It’s all about … Continue reading FROM 1-2-1: Redefining Rehab

ENTRY: Figuring out my own grief, placing spotlight on homemade “liquid benzos”

Right now, I am attempting to process my thoughts, general feelings, and spiritual inclinations, if you will.  And, as you might imagine, I'm trying to do that without foreign substances.  It has been an extremely difficult, trying week. As some of the readers on here might know, I work at a treatment center in greater … Continue reading ENTRY: Figuring out my own grief, placing spotlight on homemade “liquid benzos”